A new approach that is being taken to market goods and services is called experimental marketing. It is a concept that many businesses are turning to because it connects the business with the consumer. They can combine emotion and logic when getting a product sold. Consumers can be very finicky when purchasing items. When a business knows how the customer feels, both emotionally and mentally, they are more likely to sell their products.

Experimental marketing uses all of the senses to sell the product to a specific group, known as a target audience. This means knowing what the customers like to see, smell, feel, hear, and taste. For a business selling cosmetics, they will want something that goes on smooth, does not leave the skin feeling greasy, covers all blemishes, and smells fantastic.

When a business tailors their products to customers, they will build a rapport that will be hard to break. This is when customers begin to form loyalties and even if a bad product comes out, they will be likely to try the next one. Businesses can use websites, visual media, and sample tables up to promote their product. A forward thinking advertising campaign group will be able to grab the customer’s attention immediately, and then keep it long enough for the product to sell itself.

Experimental marketing relies heavily on test markets. Companies use test groups to see how they handle the product, and how they respond to various marketing strategies. When they find one that attracts the majority of the testers, they will know they have a potentially successful marketing strategy for their specific product.

by Juergen Hoebarth
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