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The “Become Iron Man” Virtual Experience*

Currently only found in China is the “Become Iron Man” virutal experience. Fans can suit up for Iron Man 3 using the demo where pieces of the armor will get “crafted” on to your virtual body. You can fly, fire repulsors — and dance! by Juergen Hoebarth Follow him on Twitter,  Facebook and Google+.

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You will never forget that Test Drive

You’ll never forget the first time you saw the New Renault Clio. Watch as two unsuspecting guys take the new Renault Clio out for a test drive with extra VA VA VOOM! One thing is for sure, they’ll never forget the first time they saw the New Renault Clio. by Juergen Hoebarth Follow him on Twitter,  Facebook and Google+.

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British Airways’ biggest ever ticket giveaway from Gatwick Airport got underway in early 2013, with hundreds of tickets to dream destinations available to win at London’s Victoria Station. All commuters have to do to be in for a chance to win is test their flight skills on an arcade-style flying game, specially built for the […]

Worlds biggest Soda Machine

The worlds biggest Sprite Soda Machine

In Brazil, beach-goers are enjoying the sun and refreshing taste of Sprite soda. Not to mention the free shower! Yes, that’s right…Sprite installed a giant shower on the beach! Before you go any further, let me first clarify that it wasn’t actually Sprite soda, but a water shower. With that being said, what a brilliant […]

Angrybird Space Encounter

More than just a game “Angry Birds Space Encounter – launched”

Kennedy Space Center got an Angry Birds Space Encounter which has six different Angry Birds experiences for visitors to choose from. Create Your Own Angry Bird: Guests design their own Angry Bird by choosing from an array of body styles and accessories. When the bird is complete, guests can print their bird as a keepsake. […]


Milan Fashion Week Coca-Cola Light Bottles

Coca-Cola light and eight renowned female designers teamed up to present a Coca-Cola light “Tribute to Fashion.” 32 contour bottles were designed and presented at the opening of Milan Fashion Week. These bottles were later auctioned by Sotheby’s with the proceeds going to aid the victims of the earthquake in the Abruzzo region of Italy. […]

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Best Bus Stop Ever

Qualcomm wanted to make everyday life better with mobile, so they brought in a few surprises to a bus stop. Qualcomm put up a poster featuring a URL and waited for people to visit the mobile site. When they pressed the button, the fun began. Just the best bus stop ever, simple idea perfect executed […]


What is experiential marketing

A new approach that is being taken to market goods and services is called experimental marketing. It is a concept that many businesses are turning to because it connects the business with the consumer. They can combine emotion and logic when getting a product sold. Consumers can be very finicky when purchasing items. When a […]

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Crunchy Nut restaurant

Encouraging consumers to ‘savour the most important meal of the day,’ by treating them to a five star fine dining experience at The Crunchy Nut Restaurant. Putting ‘taste’ at the heart of the product, phase 1 was aimed at elevating the eating experience to match the quality of the product and get those sampled to […]

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Argentina is the country with most football fans in the world. But in the north, in the Salta province, the New Zealand of Argentina, everybody loves rugby. That´s why Salta beer wanted to make rugby fans live a unique experience. The Rugbeer Machine by Salta Beer. The first ever vending machine that gives rugby players […]

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